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From 100% to 5000 RUB


Get a freebet 1000 as a gift

Register on the website or in the application of bookmaker "Liga Stavok" and get a freebet 1000 as a gift

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Minimum deposit

10 $

Minimum bid amount

20 $

The maximum amount of bets

1000 $

Language on the website broker


Language on the website broker

Mobile application

ios, android
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Review broker

Liga Stavok general characteristics – 4.85

We singled out some points that each bookmaker has and took them into account in order to rate the general characteristics of the bookmaker. They added up the total amount of points and found the arithmetic average. And now get acquainted with the parameters in more detail.

Bookmaker reliability – 5

This office was founded 12 years ago, which unconditionally demonstrates its stability and reliability. It operates on the basis of licenses:

  1. RF license

Liga stavok withdrawal of funds – 5

The betting league we are considering betting funds withdraws:

  1. On cards
  • within 1-3 business days

2. To payment systems

  • instantly

Bookmaker margin – 4

The commission of this bookmaker varies from 6-7%. Pretty good indicator.

Payment method – 4

In the arsenal, the bookmaker has 7 payment methods. This is almost the lowest rate.

Usability – 4

The site of this bookmaker has a good design. Thanks to small efforts, you can find the information you need, the main thing is not to get confused.

Design – 3

The site has obvious drawbacks in terms of design, not critical, but also not the most pleasant for an unprepared user.

Mobile version – 4

The mobile version is presented as a rather pleasant and organic option for surfing, for which it earns deserved points.

Liga stavok mobile app – 4

The site has an official application for the IOS and Android platforms, with it being done at a decent level, the user will definitely be satisfied.

Liga stavok eSports betting – 3.75

We will bet on eSports in the bookmaker league betting, so we really need to have exactly the parameters that will simplify our task. We believe that this item is of particular importance, so the points of this item will be counted in the rating twice.

The presence of cyber sports games for which there is a reception of bets – 4

This bookmaker accepts bets on 6 different cyber disciplines:

1. Dota 2
2. CS:GO
3. LOL
4. World Of Tanks
6. Rocket League

This is quite an average.

Live bets – 5

The bookmaker offers live betting on eSports events, which emphasizes its efficiency and commitment to interactive work with clients.

Bets on additional events – 4

Liga stavok accepts bets on additional events, but not in all cases, we wish it to continue moving in this direction.

Ability to receive funds in the form of skins – 2

The bookmaker does not accept skins as payment for bets. For some people who are fond of eSports this can be a great disappointment.

Liga stavok user reviews – 4

We studied reviews and reviews of various resources and this is what determined: In 40% of the bookmaker satisfied complaints and angry user reviews. In 60% of the company said that these complaints have no reason and refused to satisfy them.
40/60 is a relatively good indicator, which shows the bookmaker’s fruitful and stable work in terms of maintaining customer feedback.

Be sure to leave your feedback and complaints on in the appropriate field, and we will try to attract employees to quickly clarify the situation.

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Advantages and disadvantages

A legal bookmaker

Such a well done

A legal bookmaker

Such a well done

Rates on erroneous payouts are calculated with odds. 1.00 (calculation at market prices. is not made). The losing bet on the wrong odds are also returned.